Memorial City Emergency Room

SignatureCare – Memorial City

SignatureCare Emergency Center- Memorial City

Address: 1014 Wirt, Houston TX 77055
Phone: (832) 834-6414

Fax: (832) 834-6449

Pay Your SignatureCare Emergency Center- Memorial  City Bill:

Enter Patient Acct Number and Submit Payment

Click the Link below and Make sure you have the following:

  • Full Credit Card Number
  • CVV Code credit
  • Billing address including zip ccode ( the one your credit card company has)
  • Your Invoice/ account number listed on your bill.
  • When you are ready click on “Pay Your ER Bill”

If you enter an email in the payment screen- you will be emailed a receipt.

If you have any issues with your payments- Please call RoundTable Medical Consultants at 832-699-3777 during normal business hours.