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Now, for a fraction of what it costs you to perform these tasks in your own office, Round Table Medical Consultants can offer you efficient and effective solutions.


Welcome to Round Table Medical Consultants

welcomeRound Table Medical Consultants specializes in full service practice management, credentialing, and HIPAA Compliance. We offer a comprehensive and personalized solution to physicians and facilities. With over 20 years of combined experience in the healthcare industry, our staff provides the most advanced billing and collections services.

Our mission is to work closely with facilities/physicians and their staff to increase revenue by providing excellent reimbursement services. Your success is our success. This guarantees you will always receive the personal attention, customized services, and satisfaction which you deserve. We specialize in insurance and billing issues to allow you and your staff to concentrate on what you do best: PATIENT CARE!

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Round Table Medical Billing

Why Us

  • Over 20 years combined experience with accomplished billing, collections, and customer service from Round Table Medical Consultants
    • Free Standing Emergency Rooms
    • Doctor Practices
    • EMS Billing
    • Urgent Care Centers
  • Flexible systems tailored to meet your needs
  • Increased revenue
  • Round Table Medical Consultants keeps you up-to-date with the continuous changes in healthcare regulations

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider outsourcing my billing?

By partnering with Round Table Medical Consultants, your practice will immediately notice:

  • Improvements in cash flow and fewer rejected claims
  • File clean claims in a timely manner resulting in fewer rejections
  • Compliance with all HIPAA Regulations so you have the confidence that we will never release any confidential information to anyone without the patient’s consent
  • Allow your staff to concentrate on the most important issue: “PATIENT CARE”

Are you HIPAA Compliant?

Yes, we are HIPAA Compliant!! We have taken many courses to make sure that we are current with HIPAA regulations. As their regulations change, we keep up to date with those changes and also help our clients stay up to date with those changes as well.

What information is needed to get started?

We would require the following:

  • The facility/provider must be accurately credentialed and fully enrolled with the desired payers
  • Copy of W-9’s
    • Tax ID numbers
    • NPI numbers
  • Lockbox information
  • Updated patient information
    • Copy/Access to all patient information forms
    • Copy/Access to both the front and back of the patient’s insurance card(s)
    • Copy/Access to verification of benefits
    • Copy/Access to signed consent forms
    • Copy/Access to financial forms

How do I supply the information to Round Table Medical Consultants?

  • Fax
  • Scanned / emailed
  • Mail

Can you handle clients anywhere in the country?

Yes, with today’s technology. Location is not an issue through the use of the computer, fax, and mail. Of course, Round Table Medical Consultants schedules meetings at your location to ensure your complete satisfaction with our services (local area only).

Do I have to turn over “ALL” billing to Round Table Medical Consultants at once?

No. In some cases, clients choose to begin using a billing service for the most difficult claims. Then, once they feel comfortable with our services, they gradually transfer billing functions. If you desire, we can take on all aspects of your billing office without any delay or trial period.

What are your fees for your services?

We customize our fees based on what type of services your facility/office practice monthly revenue, volume, and needs. Each office/facility is different and we like to base our fees on those services.

Pay online. It is Easy, Fast, and Secure:
Please select from the dropdown list the correct facility / Entity that you would like to remit payments to. You can find this information on top left corner of the Patient’s Statement you received.

Team Management

Tray Moore

Tray Moore

Billing Manager
Kathryn Covert

Kathryn Covert

Chief Executive Officer
Lisa Snyder

Lisa Snyder

Insurance Reimbursement Manager
Damon Broussard

Damon Broussard

EMS Billing Manager
Anita Dooly

Anita Dooly

Credentialing Specialist