Are you HIPAA Compliant?

Yes, we are HIPAA Compliant!! We have taken many courses to make sure that we are current with HIPAA regulations. As their regulations change, we keep up to date with those changes and also help our clients stay up to date with those changes as well.
What information is needed to get started?

We would require the following:

  • The facility/provider must be accurately credentialed and fully enrolled with the desired payers
  • Copy of W-9’s
    • Tax ID numbers
    • NPI numbers
  • Lockbox information
  • Updated patient information
    • Copy/Access to all patient information forms
    • Copy/Access to both the front and back of the patient’s insurance card(s)
    • Copy/Access to verification of benefits
    • Copy/Access to signed consent forms
    • Copy/Access to financial forms
How do I supply the information to Round Table Medical Consultants?
  • Fax
  • Scanned / emailed
  • Mail
Can you handle clients anywhere in the country?
Yes, with today’s technology. Location is not an issue through the use of the computer, fax, and mail. Of course, Round Table Medical Consultants schedules meetings at your location to ensure your complete satisfaction with our services (local area only).
Do I have to turn over “ALL” billing to Round Table Medical Consultants at once?
No. In some cases, clients choose to begin using a billing service for the most difficult claims. Then, once they feel comfortable with our services, they gradually transfer billing functions. If you desire, we can take on all aspects of your billing office without any delay or trial period.
What are your fees for your services?
We customize our fees based on what type of services your facility/office practice monthly revenue, volume, and needs. Each office/facility is different and we like to base our fees on those services.
Do I have to turn over “ALL” billing to Round Table Medical Consultants at once?
Improvements in cash flow and fewer rejected claims

  • File clean claims in a timely manner resulting in fewer rejections
  • Compliance with all HIPAA Regulations so you have the confidence that we will never release any confidential information to anyone without the patient’s consent
  • Allow your staff to concentrate on the most important issue: “PATIENT CARE”
Who will receive the insurance and patient payments?
Your reimbursements are sent directly to your current mailing address, lock-box, or electronically to your bank account.
Who does the follow up on the claims?
A large part of our job is to stay on top of changes made by insurance carriers. With all the changes to filing procedures by Medicare and other commercial carriers, filing a claim has become a gamble to see whether or not it will be paid. By hiring a billing specialist, you no longer have the worries associated with those changes. We follow up on every claim until it is paid and make the necessary changes for future filing.
Will all claims be electronically filed?
In most cases, claims will be filed electronically. There are still some carriers that require paper forms. If you currently have to file pre-authorization paperwork, we can assist you with that as well.
What type of software do you currently use?
Currently, we use Centricity. We are flexible to use any desired software platform.
Will I have a dedicated specialist handling my account?
Yes, your account will be handled by a team consisting of a reimbursement specialist, payment poster, and customer service representative. As your practice/facility continues to grow, we will add additional representatives as needed to provide you with the best possible service.
Is hiring a billing agency cost effective?

Generally, a billing agency can perform your billing for a fraction of the cost of in-house staff – thus allowing your own employees to build your practice and your revenues. As an extension of your office, Round Table Medical Consultants works closely with you and your staff and typically provides more accurate, timely claims that are paid faster and with fewer challenges. The cost savings include:

  • Time on the phone with Insurance Companies
  • Wages, Taxes and Benefits
  • Holiday, Vacation and Sick Pay
  • Training Seminars/Education
  • Software and Upgrade Costs
  • Computer Hardware
  • Maintenance Fees/Support Contracts
  • Delay in Claim Research
  • Delay in Claim Resubmission
  • Supplies and Postage Costs