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Houston Medical Billing and Coding Company

Roundtable Medical Consultants, the #1 medical billing service in Houston, TX, specializes in full service medical billing including, medical coding, practice management, credentialing, MVA claims processing, and HIPAA Compliance.

We offer a comprehensive and personalized solution to physicians and facilities.

With over 20 years of combined experience in the healthcare industry, our staff provides the most advanced billing and collections services.

Our mission is to work closely with medical facilities, physicians and their staff to increase revenue by providing excellent reimbursement services.

Your success is our success. This guarantees you will always receive the personal attention, customized services, and satisfaction which you deserve.

We specialize in insurance and billing issues to allow you and your staff to concentrate on what you do best: PATIENT CARE!

As healthcare care service providers, many of your patients use insurance to pay for their medical needs. Insurance companies are strict on how they pay claims. All insurance companies use maximum benefits, some require treatment plans and/or referrals, and all want specific diagnosis and procedure codes.

In order to receive insurance payments, physicians and facilities must comply with their demands. Round Table Medical Consultants (RTMC) understands how essential it is for physicians and medical facilities, and their staff to be able to focus on patient care instead of insurance and billing issues.

As specialists in claims processing and practice account management, we maximize your reimbursement with the shortest possible turnaround time. Our proven billing and collection methods expedite payments, reduce delinquent accounts, and improve your cash flow dramatically. This is how a good billing service can benefit your practice.

Learn about our medical billing services and contact RoundTable Medical Consultants for all your medical billing needs today!