Medical Doctors looking at medical billing documents

Starting up your own medical practice takes careful planning to ensure that you are giving your business the best possible start.

One aspect of your business start-up that needs special attention is prospective locations for your practice.

A poorly suited location can have a detrimental effect on your business and subsequent cash flow. There are many factors to consider when choosing a location and each factor will play an important role in your business growth.

Here are the things to consider when choosing a location for your private medical practice.

1. Easy Access
2. Adequate Parking
3. On the Bus Route
4. Wheelchair Accessible
5. Medical Labs Close By
6. Close Proximity to Hospital

Easy Access

A location that is easy to get to is vital for drawing patients to your clinic. Ideally, the location will be convenient to enter and exit and have more than one entrance. A location on the main street or busy road can be frustrating when your patients are trying to get in or out of the parking lot.

Adequate Parking

Adequate parking is a must. Nothing is more annoying for your patients than to have to wait for a parking spot or keep circling the lot until space is available.

If you are considering opening your practice in a medical building with other physicians or health-related services, it is a good idea to research the existing practices to get an idea of their patient flow, hours of operation and periods of high volume traffic.

Be sure to check with your local city office to find out if parking is available on the street and if there are any time limit restrictions.

On the Bus Route

A location on a bus route is a good idea and will provide transportation to patients who may not drive or have access to a car. A bus stop with a bus shelter to protect your patients from the elements is an excellent choice.

Wheelchair Accessible

A location that is designed to accommodate wheelchairs and has designated handicapped parking is absolutely necessary for choosing your location.

An office on the main floor is an added bonus for patients with temporary or permanent mobility issues. If your office is another floor other the main floor, and it is quite a distance from the elevators, it is a good idea to have a wheelchair available for patients who may not be able to walk from the elevator to your office.

Medical Labs Close By

An ideal location will have a medical and/or x-ray laboratory in the same facility or close by.

It is convenient for patients when they can stay within the same vicinity if they need blood work or x-rays. If a medical or x-ray facility is not available, ensure that there is one close by that services the other private practices in the immediate area.

Close Proximity to Hospital

A location near a major medical facility or hospital is a bonus to your practice. Your patients will not have to travel far if they require specialized medical tests or procedures that need to be done in the hospital as an inpatient or outpatient basis. It is also convenient if you and any of other doctors you may hire who have hospital privileges.

Don’t rush your decision to choose a suitable location for your practice. Take time to select the location that best suits your needs and is compatible with your private practice and potential patient base.