ER Billing

Why Turn Your Insurance Billing Over to RTMC

why choose us

We are full HIPPA Compliant

HIPAA compliance means that your claims are quickly processed. You can easily scale up your practice and organizations that require HIPPA compliance are willing to work with you.  We have strict confidentiality—including properly implemented software security codes—so that you never have to worry about patient records getting into the wrong hands. Continuous monitoring of changes in healthcare regulations allows us to keep you informed of new requirements that will affect your practice.

Improve cash flow

Complete follow-up on all insurance claims so that you never get “lost in the system”. By handling the complex task of billing and processing reimbursement, we free your staff to be more productive in the work they do best

Flexible tailored systems

We design flexible systems tailored to meet the needs of your practice. We can submit electronic and/or paper claims, depending on payer requirements. If you require full practice management, we will cheerfully provide it. Customized monthly reports designed specifically to fit the needs of your practice.


Accurate first-time filing means more of your charges are approved and the claim is paid faster. All reimbursements go straight to your office, lock box or bank account. Eliminate the need to purchase and maintain specialized equipment and billing software.

Customer Service

The people doing your billing services are approachable, friendly, and eager to help if you have questions or need information. You and your staff are free to concentrate on what you do best… PATIENT CARE!